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Our Mission

It's our mission to provide essential items that sustain individuals in the homeless community and allow them to reach a healthier and more positive life.


Our Story

Nicebox™ started as a thought experiment - after seeing a Facebook post about a community overseas setting up a street side fridge to provide the homeless with leftovers offered by the local community, we considered:


How can we provide the homeless with healthy food and essential goods, and easily distribute them to those in need?


We did some concept work on a solar powered vending machine - The Nicebox. Using a Nicebox could provide the homeless with goods if they inserted a certain amount of recyclables.

Our discussions evolved to ask "what exactly are necessary items?" We determined that the essentials included what have now come to be known as the various Nicebox Packs: The TidyPack™, the SupplyPack™, the MediPack™ and the FoodPack™.

After finalizing the concept for these various packs, we approached working with a local homeless shelter, Friends of the Homeless Springfield in Western Massachusetts. They enthusiastically gravitated to our TidyPacks. Those that come to or enter the emergency shelter for overnight stay seem to need basic hygiene goods, something we can provide them.

With our TidyPacks now a staple for the homeless shelter, we are expanding our efforts and are now working on gathering and distributing Winter based SupplyPacks. MediPacks and FoodPacks remain under development for future distribution.

How To Help